IndoBowl SS15 – A Comfy Place For A Fusion IndoMie Goodness

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

I was invited to a food review session recently and when I read the name IndoBowl SS15, I thought it is a bowling alley. Being a bowler myself, that will be the first thing that came to mind for me. After when I read through the text properly, only then I realised that it’s a restaurant specialising in IndoMie cuisine with a fusion twist.

IndoBowl SS15

Located in the heart of Subang Jaya SS15 where I grew up, IndoBowl SS15 is a cozy place to have a quick cheap lunch or a hearty dinner with the family. It is not that difficult to spot the restaurant as it is located on the busy street near the newly opened (kinda) ‘Q’ Bistro. Just look on the left side of the road before that and you will easily spot the restaurant with the large IndoMie signage outside.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl

Easy to locate the IndoBowl restaurant along SS15/4C

Once inside, you will immediately feel the comfort of being greeted by a nicely decorated place with pleasant ambiance. The smell of IndoMie is present but not too overwhelming. Nevertheless I felt hungry almost immediately.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

When I looked at the menu, I noticed that the price is quite reasonable. One item on the menu caught my eye. It is the most expensive (but still affordable) item on the menu. I knew that I must give this one a try. The Mumbo Jumbo platter will cost you RM59 but what you will get is a hearty meal fit for at least 4 person. Topped with three types of sambal, from mild to super spicy, the Mumbo Jumbo also comes with lamb chops, ayam madura, Indonesian styled chicken satay sticks and four sunny side up eggs.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

The lamb chops are lightly marinated, yet flavourful and also tender to each bite. The ayam (chicken) madura has a unique taste, something like what the Japanese would call as “Umami”. It’s simple but yet it has a nice kick to it. Of course the sambals are awesome. Red one is the hottest while the green one is packed with flavour. The third sambal is not hot at all but still adds a good punch to your taste buds.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

Another IndoMie dish that I get to sample is the one that comes with salted egg chicken (RM11.90). I can tell you one thing right now that I absolutely LOVE salted egg dishes, may it be chicken or sotong or prawns, as long as it is cooked with salted egg, I will not hesitate to eat it. And what I had at IndoBowl is totally worth it. It may need a little bit of saltiness (just a little bit more) and also to finish the cooking process with an extra hint of butter. That would elevate the taste up a notch. But overall, I loved it.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

Next dish on the menu is the Mumbo Jumbo Soto dish which is a soup based IndoMie dish (RM39.90) that comes with prawns, fish tofu, fish balls and a crispy chicken chop topped with the red hot sambal. The soup has a mild taste but the sambal made it taste nicer. The portion is huge, hence the name Mumbo Jumbo, so you have to share this dish and not eat alone. This is something nice to have on a cold rainy nights.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

The IndoMie ayam Madura (RM12) is basically IndoMie that comes with this Ayam Madura, which is super yummy. I think this was my most favourite dish from the menu during the food review. I simply can’t get enough of this because it is so yummy. I don’t know about the others but I can eat this on it’s own again and again and again. The ayam Madura is topped with the third mentioned sambal which is mild but packed with flavours. The soy sauce adds an additional “twang” to it, as how Jamie Oliver would say it. This is on my list to order when I dine here again.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15

The Indonesian styled satay comes with the same mild sambal and soy sauce but not with the usual peanut sauce like ours. It may feels weird eating satay with different condiments but it still tasted great. The marinate is not on the sweet side but more towards savoury. What I tried is both the beef and chicken satay and both are really nice.

Before any of you readers judge me for saying all the positive things about the dishes here at IndoBowl, no, I did not get paid to give positive feedbacks. What I commented is all from my honest opinion. I love sampling new dishes, try new food from many places and to look for a good place to hangout with friends and families while enjoying good food. If or when I do find a good place, I will surely bring them along for a meal.

Having said that, I do have a few constructive comments that I would like to point out. First, the salted egg chicken needs a little more salt. Secondly, the drinks need to be less sweet (I had the iced cendol drink) – perhaps have an option for customers to add the sugar water or liquid gula Melaka to their liking on the side, don’t put it in the drinks yet when serving. Third, play some ambiance music on the background constantly so that the place is not too quiet. And that’s all I have to say on the (not so) negative points.


Overall, IndoBowl SS15 is a nice place to have a fusion IndoMie dishes. You don’t have to order any of the fusion ones because they do have the basic plain IndoMie too that will only cost you RM6. But what I would love to try the next time I visit IndoBowl SS15 is the IndoMie Iga (RM18), served with braised beef short ribs along with special mix of sweet and savoury soy sauce. They totally got me at short ribs.

Other than IndoMie dishes, they do have others such as rice or fried rice meals with varieties of chicken dishes to go along with it and some vegetables.

So if you’re in Subang Jaya and wondering what to have for a quick lunch or hearty dinner, head over to IndoBowl SS15. Have something simple if you’re in a rush but I guarantee that you will feel happy afterwards. Or have something huge like the Mumbo Jumbo IndoMie platter whenever you use the “I’m so hungry that I can eat a horse” phrase. Trust me, you will feel like you have eaten a horse after that. Either ways, it will be all worth it.

IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15


IndoBowl SS15
No 66, Jalan SS 15/4C
47500 Subang Jaya

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Facebook: IndoBowl

Instagram: @IndoBowl__SS15

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IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15 IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15 IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15
IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15 IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15 IndoMie Fusion at IndoBowl SS15


Chinese Style Chicken Rice Made By Chicken Rice Guys

First thing’s first. I rarely eat Malay made chicken rice. Not because I don’t like them, but usually the “roasted” chicken type is dry and tasteless. The rice is good, the chicken itself is a turn off. This happened many times until I got fed-up with Malay style chicken rice with an exception to one brader that sold a really good chicken rice in Kelana Jaya long time ago.

Since then, I usually avoid any chicken rice stalls made by Malays. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Malay and I’m not racist nor I’m playing favouritism games here. It’s just my own opinion and taste buds that I don’t enjoy dry roasted chicken.

BUT…now we have a potential winner. I recently found a Malay owned chicken rice restaurant in Shah Alam that I personally like because of the method they use. Their method of chicken rice is based on the Chinese style which turns out to be juicy and flavourful. I was overwhelmed by the flavour that it has. But what I had was the roasted duck rice instead of chicken. And it’s not easy to make a flavourful Chinese style roasted duck but they managed to do it. Kudos to them.

Chicken Rice Guys is the name of the restaurant located in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, near to Unisel and another food stall that sells crab noodles (mee ketam). We arrived just before lunch time and yet the place is almost full. And so I didn’t waste any time and ordered two dishes, roasted duck rice and dry wanton noodles.

Chicken Rice Guys, Shah Alam

What I like most about the Chinese style chicken rice or duck rice is the sauce. Those who get the taste of the sauce correctly, wins my vote. And I’d say that CRG (Chicken Rice Guys) won my vote here.

Just like the Chee Ming chicken rice shop along Jalan Bukit Bintang which I love so much, the guys at CRG managed to make a similar sauce in terms of taste. It is not too salty nor too bland. So kudos to the CRG guys for making a tasty sauce.

Now I seldom order any wanton noodles with fried dumplings. I love fried or steam dumplings but usually the dry wanton sauce will not be up to my liking. But I have to give it to the Chicken Rice Guys for making my meal scrumptious.

Chicken Rice Guys

This is probably the best dry wanton noodles I ever had that is halal and made by Malays. Dumplings are flavourful and delicious. The noodles itself is just at the right texture and taste. I was not disappointed.

Being particular about food, I usually won’t finish the food if its bad. But this time I felt like having a second helping. I am on a diet so I had to be happy with what I have for now. And I am very happy.

Of course, I can have a little side snack with it.

Who wouldn’t like roti bakar and a side of half-boiled eggs right? This is just comfort food that we can find almost at every kopitiams in and around the entire country.

Chicken Rice Guys

With food this good, no wonder they were also reviewed by TV3’s Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV show. The deco of the place also feels homey and comfortable.

Chicken Rice Guys

I always liked places or restaurants that has wooden panel as the feature decoration. It feels good somehow. This place is usually packed with college and university students residing around the area. It’s a good place to chill and have a nice meal or a teh tarik session.


My meal cost me a little over RM30 which is quite reasonable. Now the question is, would I be coming back here for the chicken rice/duck rice? Yes…but only if and when I’m in the neighbourhood. I may not want to head over to Chicken Rice Guys specifically for the chicken or duck rice because there is another place I like close to home in Subang Jaya serving similar type of food. But when I’m in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, I’ll definitely have a meal here.

Go check them out!


40 Jalan Zirkon 7F/F, Seksyen 7
40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Visit their Facebook Page

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