Macau – Asia’s Las Vegas

Welcome to “Vegas”

Macau. An island full of hotels, 24-hour casinos and high end brands at every corner of the island. If you love to shop for high end brands & gambling, this would be your choice of venue to go to. However, if that is not your choice you should still put Macau on your “places to go list” as it has other things for you to go for. Myself? I fall into the latter and I have been fortunate enough to have gone to Macau twice and both were for work purposes.

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Kantin & Co – Simple Food For Food Lovers

Taking a Sunday drive from Subang Jaya to Mahkota Cheras took about an hour. But knowing that my wife and I will be sampling food made with passion that won’t cost much, made me forget the distance to travel all the way to the other side of the city. Good thing it was on a Sunday. Less traffic and less headache. Only thing I have to worry about are those drivers who took Sunday drive as literally a Sunday drive.

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Food Republic – A Collection Of Local Dishes In One Place

Review at Food Republic, Pavilion KL

I was invited and had the honour of sampling some of the local delicacies served at Food Republic, Pavilion KL, recently. I sampled about eight types of dishes from four different food stalls at the Food Republic food court. The idea of this review is to give an idea of what you can have for your break-fast in the coming Ramadhan month or for your meal while working in the heart of KL. And here is my review.

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